Deadline To File For School Board Is July 27

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  OCEAN COUNTY – The November 3 election is coming soon, and officials are reminding people that if you want to be on the ballot as a candidate for the school board, you need to file by 4 p.m. on July 27.

  “The coronavirus pandemic has resulted in changes to the filing of nominating petitions,” said Ocean County Freeholder Gary Quinn, liaison to the Ocean County Clerk. “Potential candidates are encouraged to contact the Ocean County Clerk election staff at (732) 929-2153 with regard to petition filing.”

  The school board election is on the same day as the general election, Nov. 3.

  Ocean County Clerk Scott M. Colabella said that petition packets for school board candidates can be mailed to candidates from the election staff. In addition, recently signed state legislation allows for an electronic process for the collection of petition signatures and submission. Electronic petitions along with information on obtaining signatures electronically for an individual or joint school board nominating petition can be accessed at the State of New Jersey Division of Elections website at 

  Completed petitions can also be submitted via U.S. mail or hand delivered to the Ocean County Courthouse at 118 Washington Street in Toms River.  

  Colabella said candidates can file jointly for the same office, title and term.

  “Simply, more than one candidate can appear and circulate the same petition for the same office and term,” he said. “In the past, petitions had to be filed separately, even if all the candidates were running on one slate.”

  Candidates can also choose a slogan of no more than three words to appear on the ballot under their name, if they choose.

  All candidates, even if you file electronically, must file a Disclosure Statement with their petition. This statement says that you are not a disqualified voter and you have not been convicted of a disqualifying crime. You must also provide an email address.

  In addition, it is important for all candidates filing electronic signatures to know that the Affidavit of Person who circulates the petition and witnesses signatures, and the Oath of Allegiance/Certificate of Acceptance by candidate all must still be filed with their petition.

  A complete listing of all candidates who file petitions for school board will be available shortly after the July 27 deadline at or