Box Cutter Causes School Lockdown

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   LAKEWOOD – Authorities are still deciding on whether to press charges on a 5th grade student who threated another student with a box cutter on April 20.

  The incident caused the Oak Street Elementary school to be locked down for 15 minutes after the box cutter was confiscated from the student shortly before 10:30 a.m., that morning.  

  School District Board of Education Attorney Michael Inzelbuch reported that student had been in the custody of police for a short time.

  He told Jersey Shore on Thursday that “thank God no one was hurt. The Ocean County Prosecutor’s Office is still reviewing the matter. There were no injuries.”

   Inzelbuch said the school has a metal detector but because the box cutter was made of aluminum, it was not detected.

  “We have two security guards there and metal detectors. The two children remain suspended from school but are receiving remote instruction,” Inzelbuch added.