Black Friday Tensions Escalate To Shoving On Line For PS5

Photo courtesy Simon Malls

  TOMS RIVER – Police said some men got into an altercation over which was the correct line to enter a store to purchase a PlayStation 5 on Black Friday.

  The victim told police that he got to the Ocean County Mall at around midnight on Thanksgiving, November 26, to buy the game system. He waited outside of the mall overnight until Macy’s opened their doors at 5 a.m.

  Toms River Police Department Spokesperson Jillian Messina told Jersey Shore Online, “When he went inside, he saw that other people had also formed a line of their own. He said that since he had already started his own line at midnight the previous day, he walked to the front of the Macy’s line.”

Two men accused him of cutting the line. He explained how he was waiting outside since the night before and was not moving. The men pushed him but there were no injuries when police arrived.

  Police instructed the man how to file a complaint if he so wished.