Another “Jersey Shore” Moment, This Time With YouTube Celebs Nelk Boys

Photo courtesy Ocean County Scanner News

Editorial note: This article contains blatant and very opinionated editorializing and should be read for entertainment purposes only.

  SEASIDE HEIGHTS – Fans swarmed the former “Jersey Shore” house, but it wasn’t for Snooki. This was an entirely different situation: the arrival of the Nelk Boys.

  If you haven’t heard of them, don’t worry. Neither did the author of this article. A quick Google search showed that they are “YouTube pranksters.” They are apparently also superspreaders: their huge Monday parties have been responsible for hundreds of cases of COVID-19. They even got suspended from YouTube for telling people to ignore safety precautions. And it is very, very hard to get suspended from YouTube.

  More than 1,000 people crowded together in Seaside at the Jersey Shore house that they rented. They had promised free giveaways of their merchandise.

  They were eventually removed from their rented home due to the chaos that was caused. There were roads closed off, at least one car crash, and lots of littering and noise. The police even had to set up a mobile command post.


  It is unknown at this time if there were any charges filed by police regarding the incident.