Annual Easter Egg Hunt Coming To Seaside Heights

Photo courtesy Seaside Heights Business Improvement District

SEASIDE HEIGHTS  The LIVE Annual Seaside Heights Palm Sunday Easter Egg Hunt is back after a two year hiatus. It is to be held Sunday, April 10, at 1:00 p.m.

The Seaside Heights Egg Hunt will feature more than 10,000 eggs buried in the sands of the Seaside Heights beach at six age-separated locations.  Children line up excitedly and then search for the treasure eggs in the beach sand once the go ahead is given.

The eggs will contain prizes from Seaside Heights businesses, such as free tickets for arcade play and boardwalk stand treats. There are also 3,000 eggs containing a coupon for a ticket to a Blue Claws home game May 5, 6, or 7.

Egg Hunt beach entrance locations by age:


0-2: south of Hancock Ave., across from Shake Shoppe (with the Easter Bunny)

3-4: south of Blaine Ave., across from One-of-a-Kind

5-6: south of Sumner Ave., across from Coin Castle

7-8: south of Hamilton Ave., across from Lucky Leo’s

9-10: south of Lincoln Ave., across from Beachcomber

Special Needs: Franklin Ave. near the stage

The rain date is Saturday, April 16, at 1:00 p.m.

Egg Hunt participants and their parents are encouraged to plan their day for their comfort. The oceanfront can be a little cooler than inland, so bring an extra layer of clothing. Be sure to have a small pail or other container to carry eggs that are found. And plan on staying after the hunt to enjoy the arcades, stores, and food outlets that will be open on the Classic American Boardwalk. Keep in mind, also, that paid parking goes into effect April 1. Pay at kiosks along the streets or take advantage of privately owned lots.

Producing the annual Easter Egg Hunt is a massive undertaking that begins months in advance of Palm Sunday. Businesses throughout Seaside Heights are invited to fill eggs with their coupons for gifts for successful hunters. Businesses typically fill 40 to 1,000 eggs, providing for quite a variety of prizes. Eggs are buried throughout the six age-separated hunting fields by members of the Central Regional Junior Reserve Officer Training Corps.

The 2020 Easter Egg Hunt was totally virtual and the 2021 more of a Boardwalk scavenger hunt, both due to the pandemic.

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