State Police Phone Scam Requests Social Security Info

NEW JERSEY – State police are warning residents of yet another phone scam making the rounds. If you receive a call from someone claiming to be a state trooper, be wary.

  New Jersey State Police are urging residents to beware of fraudulent calls coming from a legitimate looking phone number: 609-452-2601, which is the number for the New Jersey State Police Transportation Safety Bureau office.

  These scam callers claim to be state troopers asking for social security numbers. Authorities say the caller has a foreign accent and targets people by telling them their social security number has been associated with various complaints.

  During the “spoof call,” the caller claims that police documents were sent to the victim’s address numerous times with no response. The caller will request the victim’s social security number.

  Police say the “spoof calls” use special technology to appear to be calling from a legitimate phone number, such as the State Police Transportation Safety number, all the while placing the call from another state or country.

  State police want you to know that they would never call requesting personal information of this nature.

  In the event you receive a suspicious call like this, police advise everyone to hang up, refrain from giving out personal information, and call your local police department.

  Police will “never threaten citizens with arrest if personal information or money is not provided,” they stated.