Monmouth County Police Academy Graduates 88 New Officers

Photo courtesy Monmouth County

MONMOUTH COUNTY – Eighty-eight new law enforcement and corrections officers were sworn in and received their police training commission certifications during the graduation ceremony at Brookdale Community College on May 23.

Of those 88 graduates, there were 23 recruits of the 94th Basic Course for Police Officers, 57 recruits from the 45th Basic Course for Class ll Special Law Enforcement Officers and eight recruits from 36th Basic Course for County Corrections Officers.

“By successfully completing this training, these fine men and women have demonstrated their commitment to law enforcement and corrections,” said Sheriff Shaun Golden, whose agency runs the Monmouth County Police Academy and had one officer graduate from the basic recruit class. “That is a great privilege, since there is no higher responsibility, than maintaining public safety. I’m proud of their accomplishments and commend all for a job well done.”

Photo courtesy Monmouth County

Both courses for Police Officers and Class II Special Law Enforcement Officers are run through the Monmouth County Police Academy. For Police Officers, trainees must go through a 20 week program with 780 hours of training. For Class II Special Law Enforcement, the course is a three month program and with approximately 600 hours of training with full police powers while on duty.

Training consists of patrol concepts, defensive driving, professional development, weaponry and unarmed defense, criminal investigation, ethics, emergency medical care and physical training, amongst other areas.

“Through their strong commitment and hard work, we can be sure that these graduates will serve our residents and communities well as they begin successful careers in law enforcement,” said Monmouth County Prosecutor Christopher J. Gramiccioni.

For County Corrections Officers, training is 12 weeks. The corrections officers train in physical training and drill, learn how to properly use firearms, batons, handcuffing techniques and mechanical restraints, train in unarmed self-defense and emergency medical response.

They also learn law enforcement and ethics, stress management, contraband and evidence processing, characteristics of inmates and drug interdiction and identification.

Photo courtesy Monmouth County

Among the graduates were certain award recipients including:

  • Academic Award: 94th BCPO Kenneth W. Ross Jr., Long Branch PD, 45th SLEO II Matthew Vallone, Sea Bright PD and 36th BCCCO Craig P. Radzion, Union County Corrections.
  • Marksmanship Award: 94th BCPO John P. Labozzetta Jr., Monmouth County Sheriff’s Office, 45th SLEO II Matthew W. Simpson, Neptune Township PD and 36th BCCCO Jonathan B. Casal, Union County Corrections
  • Physical Training Award: 94th BCPO Akeel A. Babar, Alternate Route, 45th SLEO II Conor Brennen, Bradley Beach and 36th BCCCO Eric Borrero, Union County Corrections
  • Traffic Officers Association Award: 94th BCPO Kenneth W. Ross Jr., Long Branch PD45th SLEO II Matthew Hurych, Sea Girt PD, Ryan Norton, Manasquan PD & Matthew Vallone, Sea Bright PD
  • Outstanding Trainee Award: 94th BCPO Stanley I. Ramnaidu, Alternate Route, 45th SLEO II Joseph R. Blewett – Sea Bright PD
  • Merit Award: 94th BCPO Stanley I. Ramnaidu, Alternate Route, 45th SLEO II Michael M. Ballas – Asbury Park PD and 36th BCCCO Edilian Ramirez, Union County Corrections