Freehold Raceway Mall Will Now Charge $5 For Prime Parking

Photo sent to JerseyShoreOnline

FREEHOLD – The Freehold Raceway Mall will now be charging those who wish to park in the more desirable spots closer to the building. The new parking program will reserve 60 parking spaces near the Macy’s and Nordstrom entrance, available for $5 on weekends.

“Front & Center Parking at Freehold Raceway Mall is access to the best possible parking spaces for our best customers and helps alleviate parking congestion in high traffic areas,” stated mall officials.

Many are not happy with this change, noting that they might prefer to walk than spend money on parking.

“I think it’s terrible that they’re charging for parking after all these years! You shouldn’t have to pay to go shopping at a mall,” commented Suzanne Williams-Stess on the local Howell Happenings NJ Facebook page.

Many also stated that the change will lead to more online shopping instead.

While the program does charge, it is quite limited. It only reserves 1 percent of the mall’s 6,000 parking spaces for the program and is only in effect on weekends, i.e. Saturdays and Sundays.

Photo sent to JerseyShoreOnline

Mall officials also noted that handicapped spaces will remain open for those who require them.

Those who opt to use the $5 parking will receive “exclusive deals” from certain mall retailers while they shop, according to mall officials. Not to mention, the program could also prevent employees from parking in prime spots that are meant for customers, said officials.

While this is a new program for Freehold’s mall, this isn’t the first time they have charged for parking. Freehold Raceway Mall also offers $15 valet parking during the holidays, when shopping traffic is heavy.