Former Middletown Women Charged With Stealing Over $488K From Government

Social Security cards. (Photo by Jennifer Peacock)
Social Security cards. (Photo by Micromedia)

TRENTON – A former Middletown woman faces up to 30 years in prison after she was indicted for the theft of government funds and Social Security fraud, announced US Attorney Craig Carpenito.

Martha Aguilar, 57, now of Allentown, PA, was charged by indictment in August 2018 with theft of government funds, Social Security fraud, and making false statements in furtherance of Social Security fraud.

A March 14 indictment added three counts of healthcare fraud. Aguilar’s alleged scheme was to defraud Medicare and steal $644,605 in benefits to which she was not entitled.

According to the indictment, Aguilar allegedly collected $136,879 in Social Security benefits and $644,605 in Medicare benefits between November 2004 and September 2016, which she was not entitled to.


Aguilar told the Social Security Administration (SSA) that she was completely disabled and unable to work so she could collect Social Security and Medicare benefits while she continued to work as a paralegal. She also fraudulently received temporary disability from the State of New Jersey for $13,622, and unemployment benefits from the state for $103,738. Aguilar concealed these benefits from the SSA, which she concealed from the SSA.

Aguilar failed to report an overall $488,870 in benefits and income to the SSA.

Aguilar faces up to 30 years in prison and a total fine of $750,000 if convicted.