Former Cop Admits To Running Meth Lab

Christopher Walls

  MONMOUTH COUNTY – A veteran police officer of the Long Branch Police Department has admitted to operating a meth lab in his home, officials said.

  On November 16, Christopher Walls, 50, of West End Avenue in Long Branch, pled guilty to charges of second degree Causing a Risk of Widespread Injury and 3rd degree Manufacturing Methamphetamine.

  Walls was first arrested on May 15 after Long Branch police officers arrived at his home due to a domestic disturbance call. Officers arrived at the home around 10:36 p.m. and once at the scene, another resident in the home alleged that Walls was involved in suspicious narcotics activity. 

  The New Jersey State Police (NJSP) Hazmat Unit responded and found materials, chemicals and instruments consistent with a methamphetamine laboratory in both the basement of the home and in a shed on the property. They also confirmed that Walls was in possession of all ingredients necessary to manufacture methamphetamine and found methamphetamine residue in chemistry-related glassware on site.  

  Investigation revealed that Walls had been in possession of books related to making methamphetamine, explosives and poison.

  In addition, police found a large open and unsecured gun safe in the home which was accessible to a child living there. Inside the gun safe were two long guns, four handguns, eight high-capacity magazines, and a large quantity of ammunition.

  During his plea, Walls admitted to making methamphetamine at his home in Long Branch and to endangering his family and neighboring community in doing so.

  The agreement includes an aggregate sentence of 10 years in a NJ State Prison with a 2-year-period of parole ineligibility. As part of his plea, Walls also permanently forfeited public office, as well as his firearms and firearms ID card.

  Sentencing for Walls is set for January 14.