Captain Officially Signs Off After 44 Years Of Service

Howell Police Captain Mark Pilecki was congratulated on his retirement. (Photo courtesy Mark Pilecki)

  HOWELL – After serving the community for over 40 years, Howell Police Department’s Captain Mark Pilecki took his final radio sign off.

  Pilecki was hired by the Howell Police on March 10, 1980. He attended the 16th Class of the Monmouth County Police Academy and was assigned to the Patrol Division.

  “During this time, I worked mostly in the north part of town, which was more rural than the rest. I got to know a lot of farmers and residents here,” Pilecki said.

  Pilecki was promoted to sergeant in 1988 and lieutenant in 1995. During this time, he commanded a Patrol Squad.

  In 2013, Pilecki was promoted to captain and assigned as the Operations Commander, which oversaw Patrol, Emergency Management, Communications, SLEO2 officers, Technical Services and several other departments.

  “In April of 2022 I was appointed Interim Chief of the Department. I was told that my reputation, seniority, residency in town, as well as my involvement in the volunteer emergency services, helped formulate this appointment,” Pilecki said.

  In July of 2022, the department began their interview process for Chief of Police. Although Pilecki was not appointed to that position, he returned to his Captain’s rank and was subsequently assigned to the Commander of Services until his retirement.

  Pilecki is a past member and assistant chief of the Squankum Fire Company. He’s currently an EMT volunteer with the Howell Township first aid and rescue squad. He’s also a past member of the Howell Township office of emergency management.

  “I’ve lived in Howell Township for over 40 years, and raised my family here. I have two children and recently was blessed with a granddaughter,” Pilecki said.

  On December 21, Pilecki did his final radio sign off surrounded by members of the department and other first responders who honored him for his years of service.

  “For all the officers and members of the department, including the dispatchers, civilian help, and also the court personnel, thank you for making my life easy and it’s a privilege to work with you,” Pilecki said on his final day. “As for myself, I look back on my years and I can only smile at the achievements I’ve done. Through hard work, my reputation, my work ethic, and my integrity, which is beyond reproach.”