Whiting Liquor Store Sells Cash 5 Jackpot Ticket

WHITING – Someone in the Manchester area bought the winning New Jersey Lottery ticket this past Tuesday, October 10. The single lucky ticket matched all five numbers drawn that night – 3, 18, 19, 35 and 36 – to win the Jersey Cash 5 jackpot of $766,918.

The ticket was sold by Vingo Liquor on Route 70 in Whiting, which will receive a $2,000 bonus for selling the winning ticket and earn the temporary status of “lucky location.”

There were 695,210 tickets for the October 10 drawing. By paying an extra $1 per play, Jersey residents could also bump up to XTRA and multiply their non-jackpot prizes by an XTRA number drawn. That means anyone who matched two, three or four of the numbers drawn to their ticket numbers got to double the payout by four.

Players won from $2 to $1,972 – producing a grand total of over 11,800 winners for that day’s daily drawing. As to how many of those lucky winners will pocket their money or cash it in to buy more lottery tickets? Only time will tell.

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