Welcome To The ICAM Experience

  Dr. Bartiss and the entire staff at the Institute For Complementary and Alternative Medicine (ICAM) are highly skilled and trained in multiple subspecialties of Integrative Medicine. For over three decades we have been offering services “outside the box” to thousands of patients with multiple medical conditions and diagnoses.

  ICAM’s Health Initiative Program was created to provide comprehensive evaluations and treatment protocols specifically suited and tailor made to an individual’s needs. Our approach will help uncover both a misdiagnosis and a missed diagnosis.

Dr. Bartiss and the staff of ICAM

  When provided with a wrong diagnosis, patients are left to trudge on in life–unsatisfied, unaware, untreated, and invalidated because the true underlying medical pathology is never found or treated effectively. When a patient suffers chronically with signs and symptoms that do not resolve despite what is considered “appropriate” medical treatment, doctors begin to question the patient’s reliability and motives rather than question their own diagnosis and treatment practices. Then, when doctors have ruled out all possible illnesses fulfilling set criteria, they begin to label – not diagnose patients as having DEPRESSION. And, although your depression is likely accurate, it is SECONDARY to and a direct result of, a missed or a mis-diagnosed PRIMARY condition(s) that has ailed you for years.

  ICAM’s various therapies are tailored made. Learn more about what patients really need, desire, and deserve from their healthcare providers. Be an informed consumer and know that there are options to your current healthcare, you just don’t know them yet. Come see for yourself as you live the ICAM Experience.

  For more information, call 609-978-9002 or visit icamnj.com

Yours in Health, Mark James Bartiss, MD