Ridgeway Students Get Their Books Through A Drive By Service

The Cat in the hat drops off books at the Ridgeway Elementary School in Manchester Township. (Photo courtesy Manchester Schools)

  MANCHESTER – Students of the Ridgeway Elementary School are really enjoying receiving their books in a unique way, via bookmobile.

  The school’s bookmobile however is hardly traditional. While it might deliver books, it only has three wheels and operates on pedal power.

  Teachers pedal the bright yellow adult tricycle through the school hallways, delivering books to students who are very excited when it arrives at their classroom door. 

  Earlier this month, “Read Across America Day was “the first day of our deliveries this year,” Ridgeway Principal Nikki Mazur said.

A tricycle proves an inventive way to deliver books to Ridgeway Elementary School students. (Photo courtesy Manchester Schools)

   “Due to the pandemic, we are careful about who and how many people handle books, and then we never have the students touch the books, other than the one they receive. Last year we began giving out the books in school, but then once we all went remote, the teachers took the Bookmobile to the streets to deliver to the students’ homes,” she added.

  Mazur said that the goal for this year is to give a new book to each student in the building by the last day of school. “We have hundreds of new books already, thanks to the generous donations of our staff and members of the community.”