Rain Garden In The Works In Manchester

  MANCHESTER – A Boy Scout and the Township Environmental Commission are promising a rain garden for the township pending the necessary approvals.

  Environmental Commission Chair Rory Wells said during a recent Commission meeting that Boy Scout Michael Hudak, 17, had the diagrams and designs for a rain garden to be located at the township branch of the Ocean County Library.

  “Michael has agreed to take this on as a project and he is in the initial stages,” Wells said at the time. He noted that the mayor would need to be notified as well as officials from the Ocean County Library system. “It is good to get a head start.”

  Michael explained his interest in doing the project saying, “I’m a junior at MATES Academy but live in Manchester. I am part of Troop 350 based in Whiting and my Scout Master told me about this opportunity. I am very interested in pursuing this project.”

  Wells said the scout has become an ambassador to the Environmental Commission and that he was “very, very excited that we are going to get this project done.” A few months ago, the Commission held a meeting where speaker Christopher C. Obropta, New Jersey Association Extension Specialist in Water Resources of Rutgers University, addressed runoff and other environmental issues within the community. He recommended a rain garden project for the township.

  Wells told Michael that Obropta was a former scout master and would be helpful to him with this project. “We’re going to do what needs to be done to get this project moving forward for this and which was generated by members of our Commission.” Wells credited the work of fellow Commissioner Peggy Middaugh.

  Michael is doing the project to earn his Eagle Scout status. He said his timeline to have the project completed would be prior to his 18th birthday which is next March. “I think I can complete it within the next few months.”

  “Obviously, the Ocean County Library has to agree. You’ll be doing work around their land even though it is township property and we’ll talk to the mayor and if we need to, the council as well,” Wells added.

  “We’ll look for regular updates as you complete your work. You can pop in on our meetings and let us know how everything is going,” Wells said.