Officials Remember Fallen Officer

Councilman Joseph Hankins, seated at the dais at left, joins Council Vice President James A. Vaccaro, Sr. Council President Roxy Conniff, Township Attorney Lauren Staiger and Councilwoman Michele Zolezi. Seated below is Township Clerk Teri Giercyk and Business Administrator Carl Block. (Photo by Bob Vosseller)

  MANCHESTER – Township officials remembered Scott Thompson with a moment of silence during a recent council meeting. He was a member of the police department for 17 years.

  “Corporal Thompson suffered a fatal heart attack while working out in the police department gym. He was transported to Community Medical Center where he passed away,” Council President Roxy Conniff said.

  She added that Thompson, “previously served with the Seaside Park Police Department, South Toms River Police Department and the Lakehurst Police Department for a combined 12 years. He is survived by his wife and two daughters.”

  Police Chief Robert Dolan noted later in the meeting that officers took part in a special event at the gym in remembrance. “Thirty members of the police department conducted a workout in his honor with a three-mile run” and various leg lifts, pushups and other exercises.

  In other news, Chief Dolan reported this month’s Coffee with A Cop program was held at the west end of the township.

  Among the ordinances introduced at the session include amending the township code entitled Land Use and Development and Chapter 267, referring to mobile homes and trailers. Ordinance 23-09 amends the township code regarding the township zoning map while Ordinance 23-10 provides for the construction of a water interconnection between Lakehurst and Manchester appropriating $225,000.

  Township Attorney Lauren Staiger explained in response to a resident’s question that the ordinance pertaining to mobile homes and trailers was mostly just an update of language.

  It was noted that the ordinance would not increase the number of mobile homes or trailers in the community.

  Marie Golda was appointed as Deputy Municipal Clerk as well as registrar’s appointment as an alternate deputy registrar. Authorized agreements included Mark White to provide an employee assistance program for the township’s Department of Public Safety, a memorandum of understanding between Bright Harbor Healthcare and the Township and the execution of a sewer and water shared services agreement with the Jackson Township Municipal Utilities Authority.

  Council Vice President James Vaccaro asked for an update from the Council President on the township’s 10-year energy plan which encompasses various sources of renewable energy plus the township’s proactive action plan to achieve our infrastructure to serve our residents by 2035.

Presidential Gardens

  Several residents brought questions and concerns to the governing body about an additional access point for Presidential Gardens as well as for evacuation routes in the cases of an emergency. The access routes were said to be named at the time of the specific disaster.

  No dirt roads would normally be used for an evacuation plan, officials said. It will be done on a case-by-case basis. It was noted as an example that a hurricane scenario might have a different evacuation route than a forest fire.

  Under the portion of the meeting labeled bonds/escrows, officials voted to release a Reforestation Bond posted by Presidential Gardens at Manchester.