Official Promotes Manchester As ‘Gemstone Of Jersey Shore’

Manchester Town Hall (Photo by Micromedia Publications)

  MANCHESTER – Council Vice President James Vaccaro continued to promote interest in the slogan of Manchester being “the Gemstone of the Jersey Shore” during a recent council meeting.

  He’s mentioned this during prior council meetings, as well as during a press conference before the New Jersey Forest Fire Service, the New Jersey Department of Environmental Protection and members of the news media.

  Vaccaro urged his fellow council members to support the Economic Development Committee in “engaging a firm to market Manchester as the Gemstone of the Jersey Shore in an effort to attract and secure small businesses, commercial establishments, franchise or family neighborhood restaurants and a health care center and medical or professional business to relocate or move into Manchester to provide services to our residents.”

  “However, in any event, we will have to ensure and maintain the rural character of Manchester Township as we grow with commercial developments and more commercial attractions,” Vaccaro added.

  Council President Roxy Conniff told Vaccaro, “we will be having another Economic Development meeting at the end of the month and we will discuss what you just brought up tonight and in the past.”

History And Immigration

  Councilwoman Michele Zolezi noted that March was Women’s History Month. Later during that meeting a resident thanked the councilwoman for recognizing International Women’s History Month stating she had recently seen the Angel Studios film “Cabrini” which is the true-life story of “Mother Cabrini who came from Italy to establish a foundation in New York City in Five Points.”

  “That was in 1885. We have very strong women leadership for many, many years. She was actually canonized as a patron of all immigrants,” the resident said.

  Zolezi said she attended a talent show late last month at Manchester High School held by the school’s Gospel Choir group for Black History Month. “It was an amazing show.”

  “There were so many talented students there and invited guests and it was really nice to see so many members of the community there. I wanted to acknowledge that they did a really nice job and it was nice to see them all out there participating.”

  The councilwoman also thanked the police, EMS, and fire fighting services for their work “we are so very grateful to have you here and the job you do.”

  Council President Conniff brought up a personal note during that meeting saying this month marked the anniversary “of my mom coming to America, 55 years this year. My mom came here from Egypt for religious freedom as a Coptic Christian and it is a very important day for me. Remember your freedom here in America. Don’t take it for granted.”

Township Business

  Recent ordinances passed on second reading included the authorization of sale of 4 Diamond Road to Patricia and Michael Farro Jr. for $12,400, amending township code entitled water and sewer and amending the zoning map.

  Other approved ordinances included the sale of 1123 Madison Avenue for $60,000 to K. Sarama LLC, the sale of 616 Grinnell Avenue for $65,455 to Gres and establishing a CAP Bank for the municipal budget and allowing the municipality to exceed the cost-of-living allowance.

  Resolutions that were approved included a contract between Manchester and Creative Media in connection with a June 29 concert by KBrown Express, processing purchase orders and contracts for trip reservations for Campers and Chaperones for Camp Adventure, and the mayor’s authorization to sign a contract with the Gobel Elite LLC in connection with the June 29 Kickin Wing concert.

  Mayor Robert Arace will also sign a contract with the Voluntary Auxiliary for Animal Shelters, Inc. for TNR Services within the township and a professional services contract was authorized with James J. Richie of Crestwood Village Veterinary Clinic LLC, for veterinary services.

  Also approved was a side letter agreement between the township and Manchester EMT Representatives regarding emergency medical services. Also approved were employment agreements between Manchester and Joshua Schnoor, Michael Sabie, and Amando Ferreira.