New Food Pantry, Businesses In Manchester

Photo by Bob Vosseller

  MANCHESTER – During a recent Township Council meeting, officials noted some new developments and some important dates.

  Township Councilman Robert Hudak reported to council and the public that he visited a new site in the community that will serve as a food pantry operated by Inspire New Jersey.

  He said the site “will host a Kohr’s original custard franchise a walk-up coffee shop, deli, a country store and teaching gardens to assist those who have special needs to learn life skills and job skills as well. Hopefully, that project will open this year and it is a very exciting addition to our community.”

Budget And Master Plan

  Councilman Sam Fusaro said he and the chief financial officer have been going through the 2021 budget which was introduced on June 2. He credited the CFO for doing a fine job putting the spending plan together.

  He noted the Master Plan Committee reassembled last month and that there is a lot to continue to do and meetings are being held every second Tuesday of the month. The master plan is a document that every town in the state is required to have which basically maps out how the town is now, and how officials want to see it grow.

Clerk’s Anniversary

  Township Clerk Sabina Martin was recognized for working for the township for 25 years. “She is always there for us,” Council Vice President Joan Brush said. “She answers the phone and gets back to you even on a Saturday or Sunday. I just wanted to thank her for tolerating the council and some of the nonsense that goes on. We truly appreciate all your effort.”

  “She’s definitely kept us out of trouble and kept us straight so we do thank her,” Council President Craig Wallis said.

  “Twenty-five years is a pretty big one for me,” Martin said. She noted that on June 1 she had served as township clerk for 13 years. “It seems like time is just flying but I have a great council, wonderful residents and a wonderful place that I work in.”

Water Restrictions

  Wallis noted that Mayor Kenneth Palmer had recently instituted water restrictions for the east side of the township. “Water usage has been going through the roof and the water restrictions basically are watering every other day and not watering between 10 am to 5 p.m. It is not crazy restrictions.”