Lakehurst To Review Master Plan

Photo by Micromedia Publications

  LAKEHURST – The Mayor and Council are looking to update the borough’s master plan, which is a document that guides any future development in town.

  A Master Plan Committee meeting was held in late September and Councilwoman Bernadette Dugan noted that another meeting was planned for October.

  This committee will address changes within the borough’s master plan through input from the Borough’s Land Use Board and professionals.

  Mayor Robbins previously stated that the borough’s Master Plan was due for reexamination adding that the borough’s engineer, Remington & Vernick, had drafted a plan.

  This plan will be reviewed by Councilwomen Dugan and Patricia Hodges along with two Land Use Board members, and the mayor. The mayor said that once the review is completed, they will meet with the engineer to discuss recommendations.

Old Cop Car Up For Auction

  “Police Chief (Matthew) Kline reached out to me today about getting permission to add vehicle 1304 which is a 2007 Dodge Charger with 112, 000 miles on it. He can’t see putting any more money into it. He wanted permission to put it up for auction and that will come before council as a resolution. I don’t see a problem with that,” Dugan added.

Contract Negotiations

  Council President Steven Oglesby said that the personnel committee and mayor met with the police union representative “and a couple days later the personnel committee with the mayor met with the CFO (chief financial officer) so it is moving forward.”

  “As things progress and as we get toward more details, we will share that at the table,” Oglesby added. Mayor Robbins previously stated the Personnel Committee would negotiate one contract at a time, the police contract being the first.

  While five residents came out to the late September council meeting, none spoke during the open public comment period.

  Amy Lowe, the borough’s recently appointed deputy municipal clerk was present for that session. She was appointed by resolution during the August council meeting along with Amyrr Evans who was appointed as a Public Works Laborer.

4th of July Fireworks In October

  Residents will have the opportunity to enjoy fireworks in late October. The Fourth of July fireworks had been rescheduled due to concerns of inclement weather that evening.

  Borough Clerk Maryanne Capasso stated Serpico Pyrotechnics had confirmed that fireworks would be held in October.

  Councilwoman Dugan suggested holding off the fireworks display until next year but it was pointed out that such a delay would cost the borough a $4,000 deposit.

  DiMeo suggested October 28, adding that is the same day as the borough’s annual Halloween parade and Proving Ground Church’s Fall Festival.

  Dugan recommended New Year’s Eve as an alternative date.

  Capasso responded that Serpico Pyrotechnics had excluded Labor Day and New Year’s Day from rescheduling dates.

  Mayor Robbins noted that if the fireworks were held on the same day as the festivities, children may be too tired to come out that evening suggesting the fireworks display instead be held the day before on Friday, October 27.

  Council President Oglesby suggested a rain date of October 28.