Lakehurst School District Creates Music

Lakehurst School District Publicity Coordinator Maureen DeSanto holds up a sign saying “Thinking of You” which is the theme of a Lakehurst School District video that was recently produced. (Photo courtesy Lakehurst School District)

  LAKEHURST – The staff at Lakehurst Elementary school have been brainstorming ways to stay connected to their students and they decided the way to do it was through a music video.

  First there was reading books as a Mystery Masked Reader on Facebook, and now the “Thinking of You” tribute has been keeping the school staff busy.

  “School system staff created signs with a lyric from the song ‘Thinking of You’ by Dierks Bentley. We then took pictures of us holding the sign to create the video,” Lakehurst School District Publicity Coordinator Maureen DeSanto said.

  “It was a collective effort from most of the staff at Lakehurst Elementary School. We are brainstorming ideas for our next endeavor,” DeSanto added.

  DeSanto said, “each one of us took a picture of ourselves and uploaded the document and the music was set to it.”

  She was joined by staff members Kathleen Hoerster, Alyssa Peters, school nurse Maryellen Hess, occupational therapist Megan Noonan, and art teacher Conrad Cote.

  The effect was to let students know they were missed by their teachers and other staff members at the school.

Lakehurst School District teacher Kathleen Hoerster holds up a sign as part of a recently made video that demonstrates that the students of the district are missed during this time of COVID-19 pandemic. (Photo courtesy Lakehurst School District)

  “It was the work of three administrators, some teachers and some para-professionals as well. They signed up for it,” DeSanto said.

  DeSanto said the district established a special Facebook page called Lakehurst Masked Reader “where we use an emoji on our face and the students try to figure out who the teacher is. I had a pig emoji on my face and I read ‘The Giving Tree’ and then the kids have to figure out is it this teacher or another. There is a reveal a couple days later.”

  “This is the kind of fun things we’ve been doing to kind of keep them interested and letting them know that we miss them,” she said.

Lakehurst School District educator Alyssa Peters takes part in a video project put together by staff members showing support for students. (Photo courtesy Lakehurst School District)