Burger King Closes In Lakehurst, Locals Take To Social Media

Photo by Jason Allentoff

LAKEHURST – The borough’s Burger King, a long-time fast-food fixture in the community is officially closed.

  Lakehurst social media noted the passing of their neighborhood BK located on Route 70 and some of the comments did not express surprise noting some bad customer service over the years.

  “Burger King is closed for good. I called and received confirmation of this,” said Laura Michelle of Lakehurst. Her post generated 101 comments speculating on what might replace the former home of the Whopper.

  The Burger King was said to be having roof work done on October 1 according to Terry Ann McCoy Gardner who posted to the page. As to whether this is part of a renovation plan or part of its closure procedure is unknown. As to what will eventually take its place is only speculation but ideas ranged from hopes of Kentucky Fried Chicken, Chick Fil-A to a Starbucks or Horton’s coffee shop.

  “Once they did away with cheesy tots it was a wrap for me,” Mia Paige joked.

  Resident Richard Bilancia said he’d like to see some real authentic Mexican food available for take out but not Taco Bell.

  Lakehurst already has a McDonald’s restaurant and a 7-Eleven. “A KFC would be nice,” Wicca Grant said. Another resident suggested a combo KFC/Taco Bell as both companies are owned by Pepsi Cola and have double restaurants in some areas.

   Residents are also eager to learn more about rumored plans to bring a Wawa convenience store to the borough. It would be located across from the Lakehurst Police Station according to some residents who posted to Lakehurst Neighborhood Watch and some residents who discussed the news following a recent borough council meeting.

  In that nearby area on Route 70, the former La Bove Grande Restaurant and Banquet Hall closed and is soon to serve as a senior care facility.