Violence Erupts At Howell Concert

Multiple vehicles responded to a fight at Game Changer World on Route 9. (Photo courtesy Howell Township Police Department’s Facebook page)

HOWELL – The Loud Fest at a Route 9 business in Howell turned violent over the weekend, leaving security guards injured and police looking for suspects.

Howell Police are in the process of watching surveillance video and conducting interviews to find out who assaulted security officers at Game Changer World, Route 9 South, during the festival.

Howell Police responded to the venue to assist a Freehold Township police officer, who was working an off-duty security detail. Police say the officer was out with “an intoxicated male” who was attending Loud Fest.

The police called for additional Howell patrol units, as there were reports of a fight still in progress.

Once police arrived, they saw that several security guards and some attendees had been assaulted and sustained injuries. The alleged assaulters had fled.

Medical assistance was called to the scene. Those requiring medical attention were transported to the hospital by Howell Police EMS and Howell First Aid & Rescue Squad.

Multiple vehicles responded to a fight at Game Changer World on Route 9. (Photo courtesy Howell Township Police Department’s Facebook page)

Howell Police reported the incident: “The security guards reported there was a male described as white, bald, with a black shirt inside the venue. This male was “moshing” in front of the stage and causing a disturbance. Because of this disturbance they requested that he leave the concert. This male was uncooperative so the four security guards escorted him out the doors onto the side of the building. At this time, one of the guards was punched in the face and multiple unknown subjects joined in and began fighting the guards. They were repeatedly punched and kicked. One guard was able to break free and called 911.”

Injuries sustained by the security guards included: loss of teeth; lip and eye injuries; loss of consciousness; contusion above the ear; rib pain; dizziness; headache; nauseous; abrasions; contusion on back of head; facial contusion; blurry vision; and right eye injury.

No additional information was available at press time.

Game Changer World and Diamond Concerts released a statement noting that the altercation took place between “a private contracted security officer and a few concert goers.” Staff of Game Changer World were not involved, the statement said.

“Game Changer World has never had any problems with any of our crowds over the four years we have been in Howell and tonight’s incident with our security contractor will be reviewed and addressed so future incidents are avoided,” it said. The statement also said that reports of multiple injuries were untrue.

Anyone with information can leave an anonymous tip at or contact Detective Sergeant Antunez at 732-938-4575, ext. 2243 or, or Ptlw. Scherbinski at 732-938-4575, ext. 2660 or

Chris Lundy contributed to this report.