Two Howell Schools Awarded $10K Grants

Both Howell Township Middle School North and Adelphia School received grants from Sustainable Jersey. (Photo courtesy Howell Schools)

  HOWELL – Howell Township Middle School North and Adelphia School both received $10,000 grants from Sustainable Jersey for environmental projects.

  The schools were among 26 New Jersey public schools and districts selected to receive grants which are funded by the New Jersey Education Association (NJEA).

  Adelphia School, a kindergarten through second grade school, will be using the grant to create a “Roar and Explore” Outdoor Classroom. The purpose of the outdoor classroom is for it to be inclusive to all students, regardless of ability. Its special design will foster social and emotional learning and provide hands-on sustainability education, according to a statement on the program.

  In addition, the project’s goal is to deepen students’ connection to nature while encouraging play.


  Adelphia School Principal Danielle Palazzolo said that students should have equal access to inclusive learning environments.

  “As a recognized Title I school, Adelphia serves many socioeconomically disadvantaged students and a high percentage of English Language Learners. The outdoor classroom will provide an environment that enriches behaviors that support learning, fosters social and emotional learning and the well-being of both students and staff, while closing achievement gaps,” Palazzolo said. “The outdoor classroom will provide students with a wide variety of hands-on learning experiences. Unstructured play will enhance children’s confidence, problem solving, independence, social interaction skills, and creativity.”

  At Middle School North, they will be creating a “Limitless Café” which will be a space to host its 21st Century Life Skills program. This will prepare students to make informed life and career decisions and will be inclusive of all students regardless of ability.

Both Howell Township Middle School North and Adelphia School received grants from Sustainable Jersey. (Photo courtesy Howell Schools)

  Students will also use the space to practice skills related to effective communication, critical thinking, digital literacy and self-advocacy, the statement said.

  Middle School North Principal Paul Farley said the Limitless Café was engineered by Computer Teacher Teresa Castellan and Media Specialist Josephine Schneider to offer students a comfortable space to collaborate, problem-solve, and excel.

  “Furnished with high-top tables and chairs, as well as accessible booth seating…our Limitless Café will serve up opportunities for students to utilize calendars, navigation tools, email, literacy skills, text to speech, communication, and engage in real-life experiences,” Farley said. “By creating real-life experiences for students to engage in, we are motivating students to integrate higher-order thinking skills. Ultimately, the Café will empower students to become independent, efficient, and innovative lifelong learners.”