Police Looking For Car Burglar

Photo courtesy Howell Township Police

  HOWELL – Police are looking for a suspect connected to a series of car burglaries that occurred recently on Netty Street.

  In the early morning on May 6, a male suspect seen wearing a gray hoodie and gray sweatpants was observed entering unlocked vehicles on Netty St. Police ask anyone with information to contact Howell Police at 732-938-4111.

  A May 7 post on the Howell United NJ Facebook page warned residents against these vehicle thefts.

  The post stated: “During the spring and summer months, neighborhoods historically experience an elevated number of thefts from vehicles. During these thefts, the perpetrator(s) typically target unlocked vehicles where valuables are visible from the outside and/or easily located inside the vehicle.”


  Howell United advised residents to be on the lookout for these individuals, stating that they tend to rely on areas with a large number of vehicles, such as neighborhoods, and typically do not rely on forced entry in order to remain undetected.

  These incidents most often occur overnight when resident are unaware, the post cited, listing the following as commonly stolen items:

  • GPS (Garmin, Magellan, Tom-tom)
  • Radar Detectors
  • Cash or coins
  • Prescription Medications

  Residents are advised to lock cars, remove or hide valuables, park in a garage or driveway, and leave outside lights on.

  Suspicious behavior can be reported at any time to Howell Police at 732-938-4111.