Howell Township Police Department Now Hiring

Photo courtesy of Cop

HOWELL – Howell Township’s Police Department is now hiring entry level police officers. To be considered for the position, candidates must pass the Monmouth County Chiefs of Police Association entry examination and meet requirements dictated by both Monmouth County Chief of Police and HTPD.

The Monmouth County Chiefs of Police administers a police officer exam each year. This year, the testing process begins Jan. 2018. The exam consists of both a written test and a physical test. The physical exam includes a 1.5 mile run, a vertical jump, push-ups and sit-ups, and a 300 meter sprint.  Applicants must score a minimum combined score of 80% on the examination to be considered.

Asked how many officers will be hired, Police Information Officer for Howell Township, Detective Sgt. Christian Antunez said that is still being considered.

Antunez also noted that candidates must be very aware of the difference in requirements for both the Monmouth County Chiefs of Police and the HTPD when applying.

“Just because you pass the test, doesn’t necessarily mean that you pass with us (HTPD),” said Antunez.

According to the Monmouth County Chiefs of Police website, candidates must be between the ages of 18 and 34, have a valid driver’s license, be a high school graduate, be a US Citizen, and out of county eligible.

HTPD separately requires candidates to meet more extensive requirements as listed on the HTPD website. It mandates that candidates must be a citizen of the US, comply with all state law residence requirements, be of sound body and mind, be able to read, write and speak English, have good moral character, be between the ages of 21-35, and have the ability to understand and obey orders and to perform the duties required. HTPD also asks that applicants not only have a high school degree, but also an Associate’s Degree from an accredited college or junior college.

For more information, visit Howell Township Police’s websites at either or, or call 732-938-4575.