Howell Homeless Staying Warm For The Winter

Tents are used throughout the camp by residents as a place to sleep and store items. (Photo courtesy Minister Steve Brigham)

HOWELL – A Go Fund Me fundraiser has been created for the homeless encampment Destiny’s Bridge in Howell Township and has already raised $2,075 of its $3,000 goal.

The fundraising webpage was created by Nicole Romano on behalf of Minister Steve Brigham – the encampment’s leader and original founder – to raise funds to help keep the tents heated during this frigid winter weather. So far, the $2,075 that has been raised was done so by only 29 generous Howell contributors.

The entryway into the camp is labeled with an American flag and a welcome sign. (Photo courtesy Minister Steve Brigham)

In light of the winter snow storm that hit this past weekend, this encampment needs all the help it can get to stay warm this season. The camp is heated with propane, according to Brigham. The encampment uses propane fueled Buddy Heaters that can be found at any Walmart. The heater has a knock over feature, which turns the device off if it were to be knocked over, and a low oxygen feature, that turns it off when it detects low oxygen, said Brigham.

“This time of year is the hardest time of year,” said Brigham. “Winter is a dangerous time.”


It is essential that the camp and its members stay heated to combat the frigid temperatures of late. “The heaters make a big difference,” said Brigham.

In addition to heat, water is an ongoing issue. Brigham said that the camp hasn’t yet been able to tap into groundwater where they are located so they have been bringing in water. Brigham noted that the camp is always in need of canned foods, and basic camping supplies like rope, stakes, tarps, and especially tents. Financial support is always welcome as well, he said.

The township established this encampment on township property over two years ago, according to Deputy Mayor Robert Nicastro. The township is responsible for enforcing the rules and regulations of the encampment, but other than that, does not provide any further assistance.

Chickens roam the grounds of the camp. (Photo courtesy Minister Steve Brigham)

“The township is working with a nonprofit organization that has been given oversight of the camp,” said Nicastro. “Since the encampment is limited to the number of homeless in preparation for the storm, the office of emergency management opened a warming station for residents in need.”

“Howell Township has been very generous and kind,” in providing the land for their encampment, said Brigham. “It’s very admirable.”

If you want to help or make a donation to Howell’s homeless encampment, Brigham noted that generous donors can bring goods directly to the encampment located at 5998 Route 9 in Howell, or they can donate at