Horse Trapped In Mud Rescued By Local Firefighters

Photo courtesy Southard Fire Department

  HOWELL – Multiple firefighters in Howell Township helped a struggling horse who had fell into a stream and was stuck in mud.

  Yesterday afternoon, first responders found the horse stranded behind Echo Lake. They used straps, ropes and sheets of plywood in order to safely extricate the horse from the mud.

   Assisting at the scene was members from the Southard Fire Department, Freewood Acres Fire Company No. 1, Squankum Fire Company #1 and the Howell Township Office of Emergency Management.

Photo courtesy Southard Fire Department

  Southard Fire Department stated that there was a veterinarian at the scene to help supervise the status of the horse.


  “We thank all our mutual aid partners for their efforts in this successful rescue,” Southard Fire Department said.