Harmful Algae Bloom At Manasquan Reservoir

Photo from Micromedia archives

  HOWELL – Officials are warning the public to steer clear of the Manasquan Reservoir after a harmful algae bloom was discovered in the water.

  An alert from the Monmouth County Parks System stated: “A confirmed Harmful Algal Bloom is present at the Manasquan Reservoir with levels quantified at or above the NJ Health Advisory Guidance.”

  It is advised that residents avoid swimming, wading, or having any contact with the water. This also goes for pets and livestock.

  Fish caught in this water body should not be eaten.

  The harmful algae blooms are formed from an excessive chemical level of phytoplankton, appearing brown and yellow in color.

  Exposure to the algae could cause allergy-like reactions, flu-like symptoms, gastroenteritis, respiratory irritation and eye irritation.