Boy Scout Troop Honors Fallen Soldiers

Members of Boy Scout Troop 300 and attendees pose in the freezing cold during the ceremony at Old Tennant Cemetery. (Photo courtesy Boy Scout Troop 300)

HOWELL – In an effort to honor fallen soldiers, St. Veronica Boy Scout Troop 300 participated in a special wreath-laying ceremony that memorialized veteran soldiers on Dec. 16.

Gathered together at Old Tennant Cemetery in Manalapan, the Rev. Douglas Hughes of the Old Tennant Church spoke to the troops and attendees at the ceremony about what it means to honor and remember these soldiers for the sacrifices they have made for the freedoms we enjoy every day.

Hughes said that it is, “first, to remember the fallen and, second, to honor those who serve and their families, and finally by our example today to teach our young folks as well as our communities the value and price of freedom.”

The troops and Hughes prayed for the families of these soldiers as well because, as Hughes put it, “when a soldier serves, the family serves as well.”

The wreaths were placed on the graves of the more than 1,200 veterans from all of the American wars buried in the cemetery. As the wreath was placed, the scout would recite the veteran’s name aloud, keeping the memory of that individual alive.

Many of the scouts in the ceremony have a personal connection to the military in some way, making this event even more significant for them.

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