Road Rage Suspect Turns Himself In

Photo courtesy of Cop

HOWELL – The Howell man involved in a recent road rage incident with a school bus has finally turned himself into police.

  Keith Hallbauer, 18, turned himself in after detectives from the Howell Township Police Department reached out to him about his involvement in the incident.

On April 16, road rage ensued when the passenger of a vehicle hurled expletives and broke a window of a school bus while traveling on Ramtown-Greenville Road.

  The bus driver, Kathy Anderson was quoted in a CBS 2 News report: “He started screaming and yelling but I didn’t expect him to come up to the car window and punch the window out like that.”

  The incident was caught on surveillance footage which police used to request information from the public. 

  While the driver has yet to be identified, the driver and the passenger were seen traveling in an older white or silver sedan when Hallbauer allegedly confronted the school bus driver.

  Hallbauer has been charged with one count of criminal mischief and released pending a court appearance.