Arnone, Licitra To Lead Commissioners In 2024

Commissioner Director Thomas A. Arnone spoke at the Organization Meeting after he was re-elected Commissioner Director for 2024. (Photo courtesy Monmouth County)

  FREEHOLD – At the Board’s 2024 re-organization meeting, Commissioner Thomas A. Arnone was again chosen to serve as Director of the Monmouth County Board of County Commissioners and Commissioner Ross F. Licitra was elected to serve as Deputy Director.

  “The five of us will work together to provide the best quality of life for each of our 53 municipalities, along with the governing bodies of those towns,” Commissioner Director Arnone said. “We want to continue to make Monmouth County the best place to live, work and raise a family. In 2024, we will continue to work as a team. We will face our challenges and we will continue to explore our opportunities.”

  The all-Republican board choses who will be director for the year.

  In addition, Commissioner Licitra was sworn in to begin serving his second three-year term as a Monmouth County Commissioner and Commissioner Erik Anderson was sworn in to begin serving his first three-year term. They are joined on the Board by Commissioner Susan M. Kiley and Commissioner Nick DiRocco.

  “Being elected to public office and having the trust bestowed upon me by the people of Monmouth County has truly been the biggest honor of my life, other than being a father to my two beautiful children,” Commissioner Deputy Director Licitra said. “The recipe for success in Monmouth County will continue to be honesty, integrity and, most of all, common sense.”

  “I am truly honored and privileged to have been sworn in to represent the people of Monmouth County,” Commissioner Anderson said. “As 2024 starts, I look forward to joining this Board to continue its great work and to continuing our partnership with the County’s 53 municipalities.”

  “We continue to reach out to our residents who are in need of help. Our core mission is assisting our residents and making sure their lives are better,” Commissioner Kiley said. “We will continue to anticipate and prepare for a changing future, and we will plan accordingly. We are committed to our residents.”

  “We have done everything we can do to deliver high-quality services in a cost-effective way,” Commissioner DiRocco said. “We have continued to invest in our transportation infrastructure, delivery of social services, park system, educational institutions and County facilities. We will continue to implement sound fiscal practices.”

Commissioner Deputy Director Ross F. Licitra accepts his certificate of election from Monmouth County Clerk Christine Giordano Hanlon at the Organization Meeting. (Photo courtesy Monmouth County)

  Additionally, the Commissioners made a number of citizen member appointments to various County boards and commissions that included:

• Monmouth ACTS Advisory Council, three-year term: Mary Pat Angelini, Joseph Annecharico, Pat Bohse, Peter-Donnell Boynton, Sara Burrill, Anthony Comerford, Wendy Depedro, Anna Diaz-White, Mary Ditri, Pastor Pat Medley, Ginger Mulligan, Kim Perrelli, Rev. Robert Pierce, Rev. Terrance Porter, Dr. Lester Richens, Marlene Ryan, Lynn Seaward, Marta Silverberg, Rev. Ronald Sparks, Arlene Spiegle, Yolanda Taylor, Anita Voogt and Brendan Ward.

• Ex-Officio Members to the Monmouth ACTS Advisory Board, three-year term: Ellen Cohen, Judith Green and Nelson Troche.

• Advisory Council to the Office of Aging, three-year term: Kenneth Brenzel, Arthur Maloney, Susan Mazzeo, Jacquelyn Canada and Gerard Gavin.

• Monmouth County Agriculture Development Board, regular members, three-year term: Martin Bullock and Arthur Giambrone; alternate members, one-year term: Peter Volpe and Pete Van Mater.

• Brookdale Community College Search Committee, three-year term: Matthew McDermott.

• Monmouth County Construction Board of Appeals, four-year term: Richard Hogan and Edward Reed Jr.

• Environmental Council, three-year term: Dan Beckalman and Peter Volpe.

• Fair Housing Board, five-year term: Joseph Barris, Eileen Cahill and Laura Kirby.

• Assistant Fire Marshals, three-year term: Richard Hogan and Albert Scott III.

• Historical Commission, three-year term: Glen Cashion, Joseph Grabas and Barbara Harrigan.

• Improvement Authority, five-year term: Robert Nicastro.

• Library Commission, five-year term: Brian Boms and Barbara McMorrow.

• Planning Board, three-year term: Marcy McMullen and James Schatzle.

• Board of Recreation Commissioners, five-year term: Thomas Adcock.

• Youth Services Commission, three-year term: Kathy Collins, Ivan Kaplan and Dr. Lester Richens