Alliance Honors September As Suicide Prevention Month

Photo courtesy Howell Alliance

  HOWELL – The Howell Alliance is recognizing September as National Suicide Prevention Month, promoting the campaign throughout the township and spreading awareness of mental health resources and helplines.

  Over the past year, the pandemic and related topics have made anxiety, depression, suicide ideation and substance use rise throughout the community. This campaign will not only spread awareness, but also promotes the concept that “Monmouth County Is Stigma-Free.” This means that they are dedicated to ending the stigmas surrounding mental health disorders so people feel supported by their community and motivated to seek help.

  “According to Mental Health of America’s 2020 Screening Program, 62 percent of the 725,949 people screened scored with symptoms of severe or moderately severe depression. Of those who scored with symptoms of severe depression, 70 percent had never been diagnosed with a mental health condition, and 67 percent had never received any kind of mental health treatment or support,” the Howell Alliance said.

  Every September, the goal of Suicide Prevention Month is to raise awareness of suicide prevention, education and treatment resources to the public. Throughout the month-long campaign and the year, the Alliance will provide mental health and suicide prevention resources and information in order to promote mental well-being.

  “With suicide and mental health/substance use disorders, immediate intervention and professional assistance save lives, as does knowing, recognizing, responding to and taking seriously the warning signs of suicide, such as talking about dying or death, feeling hopeless with no reason to live, having a suicide plan, expressing great shame, feeling trapped without solutions, sharing about unbearable pain, using alcohol or drugs more often, changing daily behavior and grooming habits, giving away special possessions, and withdrawing from family and friends,” the Howell Alliance said.

  How can you help? On October 2, the Alliance will be hosting a Youth Mental Health First Aid certification training from 9 a.m. to 3 p.m. at the Howell Township Municipal Building. The course will help adults identify struggling youth and offer the right support.

  If interested, you can register at:

  For more information about the Howell Alliance, call 732-938-4500 ext. 4012, or email