26 Acres Of Farmland Preserved In Howell

Linney farm is located on Five Points Road near the border of Freehold. (Photo courtesy Monmouth County)

  HOWELL – With a mission to stop further development, Monmouth County along with the Township of Howell has announced the preservation of the Linney farm.

  Located on Five Points Road in Howell, the 25.9-acre parcel sits north of Route 33 near the border of Freehold.

  On February 23, Howell Township partnered with the County and State Agriculture Development Committee (SADC) and contributed just under $100,000 for the preservation. The purchase restricts any further development and ensures that the land will be permanently devoted to agricultural use.

  “We are happy to be part of these transactions and to preserve farmland within the Township. The Farmers Advisory Committee (FAC) and Preservation Task Force are always working with the County and State to find and help preserve farmland,” said Matthew Howard, Director of Community Development and Land Use Officer of Howell Township.

  Over the past 10 years, Howell has lost over 150 farms. With the constant development of warehouses and complexes, the open space and farmland in Howell continue to decrease.

  With residents voicing their concerns, the town and county are taking action with their own Farmland Preservation Plan. The acquisition of Linney farm is part of a major plan to maintain and protect farmland not only in Howell but throughout the County.

  “Monmouth County is committed to its agricultural roots and this is an example of that commitment,” said Thomas A. Arnone, Director of the Monmouth County Board of County Commissioners. “The farm is an important connector to other conservation lands in Howell and Freehold townships. The Linney family also owns the preserved Lynwick Gardens property down the street. There are now over 15,730 acres of preserved farmland in the county.”

  To learn more about the County’s farmland preservation efforts and its agricultural economy, you can view the latest Monmouth County Farmland Preservation Plan at visitmonmouth.com.

  In Howell Township, members of the FAC and the Preservation Task Force will be holding an Open Public Meeting to present the Comprehensive Farmland Preservation Plan Element to Howell Township’s Master Plan. The meeting will be held on March 23 at 6:30 p.m. and will discuss preserving natural resources, open space and agricultural foundation.

  For more information, visit twp.howell.nj.us/286/Farmers-Advisory-Committee or email howellfac@twp.howell.nj.us.