Murphy’s Law On Marijuana

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A new governor always brings in new changes. But none of them, it seems, has caused more discussion than Gov. Phil Murphy’s promise to legalize recreational marijuana.

Environmentalists focus on his commitment to the environment. Economists are scrutinizing his economic platform. But everyone seems to have an opinion about his campaign promise to legalize.

Toms River, Berkeley, and Point Pleasant Beach have taken steps toward banning the use of recreational marijuana. Officials in other towns, like Manchester, have mentioned it. South Toms River would like to hear residents’ opinion before they make a decision.

Banning something that is already illegal is strange. I suppose we should be saying that the town “continues to outlaw” the use of recreational marijuana.

Even in a town where the drug is banned, the law’s language specifically bans the recreational use, not the medicinal use.

All this will be nothing but talk if the state never legalizes it.

What are your thoughts on the matter? Make sure your politicians hear your voice.

Chris Lundy
News Editor