EDITORIAL: Feds Must Work Efficiently To Build New VA Hospital

Photo by Jennifer Peacock

The federal government needs to work quickly, but intelligently, to build a new Veterans Administration clinic in Ocean County.

It’s been said that some things on the government level move at a snail’s pace. The larger the bureaucracy, the slower it goes. So, if that’s true, then we probably won’t see a new VA hospital finished in Ocean County for a decade. After all, a location still has to be picked. Needs assessed. Plans drawn up and approved.

I expect that the county – and whatever local municipality winds up hosting it – will expedite all approvals so that they don’t provide any speed bumps along the route. I’m more worried about the federal government.

I don’t think anyone would want the Veterans Administration to rush into a project and make mistakes, but I think I speak for everyone when I urge them to be efficient in the process. They must make a concerted effort to choose the perfect spot for veterans. They must build a facility that can truly address the needs of an aging population in Ocean County. And they must do it without wasting money. It’s an enormous undertaking, and I hope they realize how important it is.


Chris Lundy
News Editor

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Chris Lundy is News Editor at Micromedia. He has covered Ocean County news and features in various publications since 2003. Lundy worked for Gannett with articles in The Beacon, Observer and Asbury Park Press. He's also written for the Community Connection, Patch and ShoreBeat.