EDITORIAL: Election Deadlines For Letters

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With the elections coming in, we’ve been getting a lot of letters praising or condemning our local candidates. These letter writers will finally have their chance to turn their opinion into action on Nov. 6.

Our deadline for receiving political letters in reference to the election will be Oct. 24. That’s the latest that we can take them and still have them run in our Nov. 3 edition. We will continue to take letters about politicians who are not running for election.

We ask that you are respectful, and that you discuss issues rather than just slamming someone.

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Similarly, we will cut off press releases from incumbent politicians at around the same time.

Our Government Page has releases straight from the congress members’ offices. We will instead be asking the Republican incumbents and the Democrat challengers to send us a statement to run side by side.


Chris Lundy
News Editor

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Chris Lundy is News Editor at Micromedia. He has covered Ocean County news and features in various publications since 2003. Lundy worked for Gannett with articles in The Beacon, Observer and Asbury Park Press. He's also written for the Community Connection, Patch and ShoreBeat.