Advanced Foot & Ankle Specialists: Treating Everything Below the Knee

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By Michael Vandenberg

Dr. Scott Amoss, DPM, CWS is a lot more than a “foot doctor,” as people often mistake podiatrists for. In reality, “we provide comprehensive lower extremity care,” he said. So yes, if your foot hurts, Dr. Amoss will be happy to help. However, that barely scratches the surface of all the conditions he sees and the treatments he provides.

Dr. Amoss (pronounced like “famous Amoss”) grew up in nearby Ocean Township and has been connected to the Jersey Shore community and greater New Jersey area his entire life. Originally, he earned his Bachelor’s degree in chemistry at Rutgers and spent a few years in the chemical industry. However, that feeling of wanting to make a difference in people’s lives that drives all physicians caught hold of Dr. Amoss.

He liked podiatry in particular because of its ability to help people really quickly. “You can immediately have a positive impact on someone’s life. They come in pain, and can leave virtually pain free.”

Scott Amoss became Doctor Scott Amoss when he graduated fourth in his class with numerous honors from the New York College of Podiatric Medicine in 2000. He then completed a two year residency focusing on orthopedic, vascular, plastic, and reconstructive surgery, in addition to training in internal and emergency medicine, dermatology, and radiology.

After that, Dr. Amoss knew it was time to go out on his own, so he opened Advanced Foot & Ankle Specialists in Whiting. 20 years later, the practice is going strong and recently opened a new location in Toms River to be closer to Community Medical Center, where he’s a surgeon on staff. Critically, this new foothold also allows him, as a specialist in diabetic foot care, to help the growing diabetic community in the area.

While expanding served a logistically necessary purpose, Advanced Foot & Ankle has never lost its personal touch. You’ll never just be passed off to whichever doctor is on the clock that day, because Dr. Amoss is proud to be a solo practitioner. “The patients see me and only me,” he said. “It’s good continuity of care.” His tight-knit support staff of seven ensures that you get the streamlined care you deserve.

Dr. Scott Amoss

That’s crucial in the field of Podiatry because, after all, things can get serious when it comes to Diabetes and foot complications. Luckily, Dr. Amoss is an Amputation Prevention Specialist as well as a Certified Wound Specialist. Less serious conditions like hammertoes, ingrown nails, bunions, and athlete’s foot can be treated in the office, often during your initial visit! “We’re very conservative,” Dr. Amoss assures future patients. “I’m surgically trained but I only like to perform surgery when all other conservative means have been exhausted. It’s going to be painless.” He makes that possible by developing treatment plans for each specific patient.

Rest assured, Advanced Foot & Ankle is fully equipped to do so as soon as you come in. Both offices have digital X-rays so they can almost instantly see what’s going on and review it with the patient. They also have a diagnostic ultrasound to diagnose soft tissue conditions, as well as a laser for treatment of pain and neuropathy, a painful nerve condition caused by diabetes and other issues. They even offer MicroVas therapy, which gives much needed relief to patients with high levels of diabetic neuropathy, as well as vascular or PAD testing.

In addition to the most cutting edge podiatric technology, Advanced Foot & Ankle has professional-grade consumer products you need for immediate relief. They offer a great selection of diabetic shoes, for example, as well as custom-made orthotics which provide arch support and help correct the imbalance in patients’ feet. Advanced Foot & Ankle accepts most insurance plans. (Medicare covers one pair of diabetic shoes per year!)

By having strategically-located offices, an experienced and focused staff, and tons of treatment methods and equipment at his disposal, Dr. Amoss is able to easily achieve his goal of getting you fast comfort and relief. When it comes to diseases like melanoma, for example, speed is absolutely critical. The most deadly form of skin cancer, melanoma has an especially poor prognosis on the foot because it often goes unnoticed for a long time. Dr. Amoss diagnosed several of these cases last year, which probably saved those patients’ lives.

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But sometimes conditions aren’t as complicated as much as some of the larger podiatrist offices try to let on. Dr. Amoss remembers one recent patient who came in after being with one such practice. “These eight doctors had exhausted all treatment options for this individual in pain,” he said. After years of getting the runaround, they told him there was nothing they could do. The patient came limping into Advanced Foot & Ankle with what Dr. Amoss diagnosed in a matter of minutes as a simple corn on the tip of his toe. “We gave him a customized foot pad which helped him tremendously, and by the next day he came in to thank us and tell us how much better he was doing,” Dr. Amoss said. “He couldn’t believe he waited and wasted several years with this other group of doctors.”

At Advanced Foot & Ankle, you’ll get fast and customized treatment from a doctor you can trust. Give them a call today at 732-350-0100 and their very accommodating staff will be able to make an appointment for you with Dr. Amoss right away. And as the “urgent care of the lower extremity,” emergency appointments are also available. Advanced Foot & Ankle is located at 400 Lacey Road in Whiting (in the Stop and Shop Shopping Center) and 601 Route 37 West, Suite 300 in Toms River (in front of the Ocean Eye Institute).

Or check out their website for more information.