Volunteers Needed In Brick Township

Sustainable Brick volunteers help with the annual Green Fair. (Photo by Judy Smestad-Nunn)

  BRICK – Resident volunteers are needed to serve on several township boards and committees that play an important role in shaping the community, said Mayor John G. Ducey.

  Some appointments are made by the mayor, some by council, and some by both.

  There is at least one opening on the Environmental Commission, the Board of Adjustment, Sustainable Brick and Trap/Neuter/Return. The mayor said he is waiting to hear from current members to see if they want to be reappointed, so there could be additional openings. Members may be reappointed if they had good attendance, and a good quality of participation, he said.

  The nine-member Environmental Commission is responsible for the protection, development and use of natural resources, including water resources located within the township.


  “They do an awesome job of organizing cleanups throughout the town – called ‘Pick Up Brick,’” the mayor said.

  The Commission also makes recommendations to the governing body about open space preservation, air pollution control, solid waste management, marine resources and more.

  The Board of Adjustment’s primary function is to review or decide on applications for a variance, which is essentially permission to do something contrary to zoning regulations.

Photo by Judy Smestad-Nunn

  “They impact the town by making decisions one way or the other,” Mayor Ducey said.

  The Board of Adjustment and the Planning Board are the only volunteers who get a small stipend for attending the meetings.

  Sustainable Brick advises the governing body on ways to improve municipal operations with green initiatives, which are economically and environmentally sound, through research and evaluation.

  The committee is currently leading the efforts to get electrical vehicle charging stations in town.

  “We formed a subcommittee called ‘Fueling the Future,’ which is trying to get shopping centers and private businesses to put in electric vehicle chargers,” Mayor Ducey said.

  The subcommittee is also leading the effort to get grants that would pay for the charging stations in township parks and public buildings.

  Brick participates in the Sustainable New Jersey program and has achieved a silver level based upon points, which can be earned by a municipality by becoming more sustainable.

  Since the township is part of this state-run program, certain designees have to be part of the committee, the mayor explained, including a designee from the mayor, the municipal planner, the council president, the environmental chair, the Board of Education and the MUA.

  The director of the Department of Public Works has to be part of Sustainable Brick as does a representative from the Chamber of Commerce. There are also five citizen members.

  “We get points for things like the Farmer’s Market, the solar projects we have in town – including on the roof of Town Hall and at French’s Landfill – and the Green Fair, which is a large part of what Sustainable Brick does, putting that together,” he said.

  Trap/Neuter/Release (TNR) works to control the feral cat population in Brick by helping feral cat colony caretakers spay, neuter and vaccinate their feral cats.

Volunteers give advice on projects in town, such as the solar panels at French’s Landfill. (Photo by Judy Smestad-Nunn)

  This seven-person committee includes a mayor’s representative, a council member, an animal control representative and four resident members.

  Mayor Ducey said he tries to match the people to the committee that would most benefit from their experience and knowledge.

  “For example, if somebody has experience installing solar panels, or something like that, they would be good for Sustainable Brick, but we like to let the people say [which committee] they’d like to be on,” he said.

  “We’ll probably end up with 20-25 resumes, which is a good amount that gives us a choice,” Mayor Ducey said.

  “Every person will be considered and we will make every effort to make sure everyone who would like to serve has the opportunity to do so,” he said.

  Resumes and cover letters should be emailed to mayor@bricktownship.net.