Sharing A Story Of A Grateful “Thank You”

Photo courtesy Maria Collazo

By Maria Collazo

  BRICK – My brother, Aurelio Medina, an Army veteran of 29 years, and I, along with his nurse assistant and my dear friend were having lunch at the Rainbow Diner in Brick on August 11.

  On this lovely summer day, a very inspired gentleman, accompanied by two others also having lunch, apparently noticed my brother across the room at a corner booth table. The gentleman might have seen my brother earlier walking with a cane along with his nurse assistant and heading to take a look at the display of dessert selections.

Photo courtesy Maria Collazo

  After my brother was served his steak meal, the waitress came over to advise him that the gentlemen offered to pay for his lunch because he wanted to thank my brother for his service. It was very emotional for me to witness this action and I know that even though my humble brother does not like attention, he was very deeply touched.

  This acknowledgement was extremely admirable and uplifting especially in light of today’s culture. This truly sets a great example of kindness toward fellow man.

  Suddenly, we noticed that the gentleman was leaving, so we wanted to catch him to say “thank you.” Once again, I started crying because he did not only pay for my brother’s lunch but paid for all four of us.

  We were able to shake his hand and snap some pictures. We truly thanked him for his generosity.

  Though he remains anonymous, he knows that he will forever be remembered in our hearts. We pray for all veterans regarding their challenges with their health. We appreciate them wholeheartedly and thank them sincerely for their service.