Roadway Improvements Planned

Road. (File photo)
Road. (File photo)

  BRICK – The governing body authorized the receipt of bids for two roadway projects and awarded a bid for a third project.

  Towns have to accept bids from contracting companies for various projects. They award the contract to the lowest qualified bidder.

  First, a receipt of bids was authorized for the Pine Terrace 2020 Local Roadway Resurfacing Contract, which includes the paving of Smith Drive, Smith Circle, Barclay Drive, Conifer Road, Eisenhower Drive North and parts of Sudbury Road (off Herbertsville Road), said Mayor John G. Ducey during the most recent Township Council meeting.

  A second resolution approved for the receipt of bids for roadway resurfacing of South Lake Drive, West Lake Drive, Beth Avenue, Kelly Avenue and Rose Avenue in a neighborhood located between Maple Avenue and Herbertsville Road.

  A bid has been awarded in the amount of $261,168 to Meco, Inc. for roadway improvements for Baywood Phase 2. This project consists of hot mixed asphalt pavement and other associated work on various roads throughout the township, specifically East Granada Drive, Seville Drive and Toledo Drive, the mayor said.

  Bid notices went out to 74 prospective bidders from a bidders list, eight of those requested the bid packages, five bids were submitted with prices that ranged from a high of $282,687 to the low bid.

   “This resolution is actually the authorization of the award of bid,” he said. “The other two [resolutions] are asking for the receipt of bids so we get the bids in, and then the council has to announce the award of bid,” Mayor Ducey said.