Join The Lakewood Fire Department

Photo courtesy of the Lakewood Fire Department

LAKEWOOD – The Lakewood Fire Department has been receiving inquiries from individuals interested in becoming firefighters. Many of these individuals have proceeded to the application phase and they are presently in various stages of this process.

However, the recruitment of firefighters is ongoing and the Lakewood Fire District Board of Fire Commissioners, along with Lakewood Fire Chief of Department Mike D’Elia, continue to seek individuals who have a desire to serve the Lakewood Community as Volunteer Firefighters.

Firefighting requires courage, dedication and a willingness to learn new skills and face new challenges. Probationary firefighters will receive fire academy as well as ongoing training, equipment, uniforms and a pager at no personal expense.

The personal rewards and satisfaction of becoming a firefighter are often beyond description. Whether battling fires, mitigating many and varied emergency situations or teaching fire safety to others, the sense of accomplishment and fulfillment are enormous.

Contact the Lakewood Fire District at 732-364-5151, exts. 6102 or 6104 for more information. Volunteers can also visit the Fire District website and follow the “Join the Lakewood Fire Department” link.