Doll Pinned To Tree By Knife, Police Investigating

Photo courtesy The Lakewood Scoop

LAKEWOOD — An interesting discovery was made in Lakewood this morning when officials came across a doll pinned to a tree with a knife near one of the township’s Jewish schools.

The doll was found at approximately 9 a.m. in the wooded area near the Toras Menachem elementary boys’ school, as first reported by The Lakewood Scoop.

The stuffed doll, dressed in a dark top and plaid dress with red hair, was pinned to the tree with a knife through the head. A second knife was stuck in the tree, and household utensils and garbage were also found in the area, according to Lt. Gregory Staffordsmith of the Lakewood Police Department.

Although discovered near the school, it was confirmed that no students saw the doll.

Staffordsmith called the incident “disturbing in nature” stating that “there isn’t any evidence on scene to suggest that this was intended to terrorize or send a message of hate to any particular person or group.”

This unusual incident follows on the heels of the tragic shooting at the Tree of Life Synagogue in Pittsburgh which fatally injured 11 people. Lakewood Township is known for its sizeable Orthodox Jewish community.

Police continue to investigate the matter. Anyone with information should contact police at 732-363-0200.