Case Against Brick Ex-Superintendent Upheld

Former School Superintendent Walter Uszenski (Photo by Judy Smestad-Nunn)

TOMS RIVER – Prosecution will continue against the former Brick schools superintendent, his daughter, and another former school official for what prosecutors called a scheme to provide unwarranted special services to the former superintendent’s grandson.

Superior Court Judge Michael T. Collins denied a motion to dismiss the indictment against the three individuals: ex-superintendent Walter C. Uszenski, his daughter Jacqueline Halsey, and former interim director of special services for the district Andrew J. Morgan.
Uszenski, Halsey, Morgan, and Morgan’s wife Lorraine have all been charged with getting special services for Halsey’s son that were believed to be in excess of $50,000 at the public’s expense.

Law enforcement claim that the scheme dates back to Uszenski’s first year as Brick schools superintendent in 2012. It is alleged that had a hand in naming Andrew Morgan interim director of special services, and that Morgan lied to get the job, withholding a criminal record.

While charges were dismissed by another judge in an earlier indictment last year, Collins ruled to allow prosecutors to continue. Uszenski’s point was that his grandson’s special needs were not made clear. Collins stated that the case is not about whether Halsey’s son in fact has special needs, but whether Uszenski and company abused their authority.
Jersey Shore Online reported in September of Uszenki’s indictments.

December 2014: Brick Mayor John G. Ducey reported to then-Ocean County Prosecutor Joseph Coronato that Uszenski’s grandson was being driven to a private daycare on a public school bus.

May 2015: Uszenski was suspended with pay after his arrest for his role in a plan to provide his pre-school grandchild with educational services (i.e., full time daycare) and transportation at public expense for which the child was not legally entitled.

September 2015: Uszenski was suspended without pay after he and his daughter were indicted on official misconduct and theft. The indictment also named Andrew and Lorraine Morgan.

The indictment said that Morgan and Uszenski executed the necessary approvals required for the Board of Education to fund fraudulent benefits for the child that are believed to be in excess of $50,000. Lorraine Morgan was charged with Official Misconduct for her role in approving unnecessary counseling services for Uszenski’s grandchild.

February 2017: Superior Court Judge Patricia B. Roe threw out the charges.

June 2017: Coronato’s office re-indicted Uszenski.

September 2017: Uszenski was terminated from his position.

September 2018: Uszenksi filed a nine-count, 40-page lawsuit against former members of the Board of Education, Mayor John G. Ducey, Ocean County Prosecutor Joseph Coronato and others, seeking damages for himself, Halsey, and her son.

The most recent indictment charges the three defendants with multiple counts of second-degree official misconduct and theft by deception. Lorraine Morgan is charged with third-degree official misconduct.