Brick Road Repair Project Awarded

Roads are in disrepair in the Chapel hill area of town, such as Schooner Drive, Blue Jay Lane and Tunesbrook Drive. (Photo by Judy Smestad-Nunn)

  BRICK – Residents of the Chapel Hill area of town will eventually be driving down resurfaced streets. 

  The governing body approved roadway improvements to the Chapel Hill area of town to Meco, Inc. of Clarksburg, NJ in the amount of $397,777. The project consists of the resurfacing of Gloria Ann Smith Drive, Blue Jay Lane, Schooner Drive and Tunesbrook Drive.

  The cost of the six bids received for the project ranged from a high of $448,915 down to the amount of the winning bid.

  Also, the council authorized the rejection of bids and an approval to re-advertise for snow removal services.

  There were no bidders in the front-end loader category, said Council President Lisa Crate.

  “It is absolutely essential that we have contractors in this category based on the size of the township and our equipment needs during snow events,” she said.

  The township does not have the capability of handling this in-house without assistance from outside contractors.

Photo by Judy Smestad-Nunn

  “Township staff will use this time to review and revise the specifications to ensure we have established a fair rate of pay and have competent contractors available for our residents in inclement weather,” Crate said.

  And finally, the mayor and members of the governing body noted the passing of Richard Gross on August 23. Gross had most recently been a Planning Board member and was active in Temple Beth-Or.

  “Richard Gross was not only a fixture in our community, he was a person of very quick wit. He had a good deal of empathy for others, and he served as an example of what every citizen should do, which is to become involved in the workings of our community to make your town a better town, and Richard did that,” said Councilwoman Marianna Pontoriero.

Richard Gross attended nearly every Township Council meeting and would occasionally offer a brief comment. (Obituary Photo)

  “I don’t ever recall any meetings that Mr. Gross did not attend, and he always listened actively and added his comments and concerns, which were invaluable, and will be very, very missed,’ she added.

  Gross had been through several bouts with cancer and was a very tough man, Pontoriero said.

  Councilman Art Halloran said he served with Gross on the Planning Board. “He brought great intelligence and experience to the board, and certainly was a great friend of mine, and I enjoyed his company and his great wit. He always made me smile.”

  The next council meeting will be on Tuesday September 8 at 7 p.m.