Brick Police Will Now Carry Tasers

Photo courtesy Brick PD

  BRICK – For the first time ever, Brick Township police officers will be carrying Conducted Energy Devices (CEDs), also known as tasers.

  A total of 37 officers went through hours of precise training and have been qualified to operate the new equipment. Training consisted of engagement for use of force, Attorney General guidelines on deployment protocols and familiarization on how to safely and effectively deploy the device.

  Using this device will give the officers an option for when they are in a position where they need to use applied force. When it’s necessary to do so, the CED produces a substitute that was not formerly available to them.

Photo courtesy Brick PD

  “Encounters with violent suspects are inevitable, but my hope is that now our officers will be able to safely and more quickly resolve an incident before it has a chance to escalate into a situation that results in an injury to the suspect or our officers,” said Chief James Riccio.