Brick Parents Awaiting Preschool Lottery Letters

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  BRICK – The school administration held a live preschool lottery drawing on June 1 for school year 2020-2021.

  290 students applied for 240 slots in the program, said Director of Special Services Kristen Hanson, who went over the lottery rules before the numbers were drawn.

  Families received a personal lottery number for each child that was entered. Those numbers – not the child’s name – were drawn. The numbers were assigned to each child in the school’s records, she said.

  “That means that 50 children will be placed on our waitlist at the end of the night,” she said. “Due to our continuing expansion of the program, our wait list is shorter each year as we reach more and more of our preschool universe.”

  Numbers were pulled one at a time by members of the school administration and staff. Each person pulled 10 numbers. All the numbers were pulled so there was a hierarchy to the waitlist.

  Next, families would be receiving a letter in the mail that indicates whether or not their child was selected or placed on the waitlist.

  Directions would be included in the letter on how to complete the registration process. The steps indicated in the letter must be completed by July 9 before your child is registered for preschool, Hanson said.

  “That is a hard and fast deadline,” she said. “You will receive your child’s school assignment at the end of July – either Warren H. Wolf or Herbertsville site – and information about your child’s classroom assignments will be received in August.”

  Meanwhile, the waitlist would be carefully monitored to ensure that when each slot becomes available, a student from the waitlist would be selected and placed in that slot, Hanson said.