Brick Football Fight Being Investigated

Photo submitted to Micromedia by a reader (Courtesy Patch)

BRICK – Police and school officials are changing procedures at home games after a fight broke out at a Brick Township High School game where they were playing against Brick Memorial, officials said.

Superintendent Dennis Filippone said he met with the police chief and other key officers, as well as the principals and school resource officers. A plan will be put in place that will “hopefully make it much more difficult for it to happen again.”

The new policies and procedures will be communicated to the parents, staff and students in advance of the next home game. There isn’t one this weekend, so that gives the high schools more time to adapt to the changes. The changes haven’t been made public yet.

“It was very disappointing to see this behavior,” he said.

Both student bodies will be addressed as well. They need to be encouraged that if you “see something, say something” to prevent future incidences like this.

“There were 10 kids involved in the actual issue but there were hundreds who saw what happened,” he said.

Those involved were disciplined by the school, he said.

A video surfaced online showing a portion of the fight, which led to news of the incident being known throughout town.

Sgt. Neal Pedersen said that the detective bureau is handling the case. They will determine if charges will be given or if school discipline will be enough.

“Someone happened to record a small snippet” of the fight, he said. So, investigators need to find out more about what happened before and after what was filmed.