Ocean Gate Kids Go Green

Superintendent Melanie Patterson, Green Team Parent Liaison Denise Wall and son Garrett Wall, Parent Liaison Alisa Capuano with daughters Annalia Capuano and Marabella Capuano sport Gator masks in front of the school sign. (Photo courtesy Green Team)

  OCEAN GATE – The Ocean Gate mascot is the Gator, so it is fitting that the kids are going green this year.

  The Ocean Gate School Green Team have been focusing on recycling education this year. It’s important to teach the students to think locally and keep their beach community clean, and also that their actions make a global impact.

Locals model the new masks at the recent color run: Board Of Education and Bayville VFW Representative Mike Passeri, Superintendent Melanie Patterson, Parent Liaisons Denise Wall and Alisa Capuano. (Photo courtesy Green Team)

  Parent Liaisons Denise Wall and Alisa Capuano designed the masks. Thanks to the Bayville Veterans of Foreign Wars, they were able to donate one to every student and faculty member.