Items For Female Soldiers Needed

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BERKELEY – Toiletries are being collected at a number of senior community club houses for female troops serving overseas.

  “Service personnel are responsible for their own personal needs,” said Lloyd Mullikin, a volunteer who has been mailing supplies to troops for years. “The post exchanges at U.S. bases in Africa, the Middle East and Asia frequently run short of toiletries, especially for the women. They are often lacking some very basic items. Most of what is available tends to be more for the guys.”

There is no time limit for the donations. It is an ongoing project. He said he is currently mailing items to about 15 military units in eight different countries.

Mullikin said he collects anything that would be of use to troops, but items for female troops are in high demand right now.

Donations can be dropped off at several of the senior community club houses in Berkeley Township, including Sonata Bay, Holiday City at Berkeley, Holiday Heights, Holiday City South, Holiday City West, Silver Ridge Park East, Silver Ridge Park North, and Silver Ridge Park Westerly. Arrangements can also be made to pick up donations dropped off at businesses, organizations, or from individuals. Please call 732-269-1397 for more information.