In Sympathy And Mourning For A Local Student

Adriana Kuch (Photo courtesy social media)

 JERSEY SHORE – We at Jersey Shore Online are saddened to hear of the tragic death of local high school student Adriana Kuch.

There are a lot of reports with video evidence online that she was bullied in school and beaten up by some of her peers emotionally, mentally and physically. According to her family, this drove her to take her own life. The authorities are now involved and we will update you on any new developments in this tragic case.

  We offer compassion and sympathy to her family and friends. This is a time to reach out to each other and be there for one another.

  Depression and feelings of hopelessness are more prevalent than anyone would like to admit. You are not alone.  

  We’d like to share the following resources:

  The State of New Jersey has created a new helpline. By dialing or texting 988, you can receive help for yourself or someone you love in a mental health crisis.

  The National Suicide Prevention hotline is 1-800-273-TALK.

  2nd Floor is for young people to discuss both everyday and serious problems. Calling (888) 222-2228 will put you in touch with professional staff and trained volunteers with non-judgmental responses.

  They are there to assist callers with any topic including: bullying, family problems or divorce, sex and sexuality, problems with friends / peer pressure, relationship struggles, depression, anxiety, self harm, substance abuse, school stress, family abuse, dating violence, and living with a disability.

  Contact of Ocean and Monmouth Counties has two phone numbers to call: 732-240-6100 or 609-693-5834.

  “We are here for anyone who is in trouble, lonely, depressed, and suicidal or someone who just needs a person to listen to them,” they said. They don’t offer advice or try to solve another person’s problems, but they offer a safe space for callers to talk about their problems. When appropriate, they can make referrals to other community services that are available to the caller.